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At ResumeBuilderPro, we are convinced that building an effective and job-winning resume should be simple and quick. Therefore, we always create systems that are easy-to-use and give effective results.

We began our journey by creating a small web app that built online documents such as cancellation letters and basic resumes. After launching we noticed an interesting trend that most users visit our site only to build resumes.

In an effort to increase the value to our users, we decided to focus on just resume-building. We have come a long way in testing our resume-content, carefully researching job-worthy resumes, and creating resume templates that were highly praised by top HR-experts.


Thus, we discovered that building a job-worthy resume requires a serious scientific approach. We learned there is a strict structure and set of rules that make a resume stand out among thousands of applicants.

Since then, we started ResumeBuilderPro, which creates truly effective resumes due to the exact structure and ‘resume rules’.

Up till now, we’ve helped more than 6 million people to build professional resumes, as well as helping many others to get jobs in top companies such as PWC, BMW and T-Mobile.

Our team

Bryan Carter

Founder and CEO

Bryan Carter is the Founder and CEO of ResumeBuilderPro.com.
Bryan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has a degree in Computer Software Engineering.

Before ResumeBuilderPro.com, Bryan worked in 4 tech start-ups. He had also created difficult CRM systems and artificial intelligence for human resources for companies that are included in the fortune 500 list.

Bryan greatly enjoyed his work with these companies, however, from his teenage years, he has always dreamed of creating his own product that would bring value to the clients.

That is why he decided to create ResumeBuilderPro.com, a resume-building tool that helps people create job-winning resumes.

As the Founder and CEO of ResumeBuilderPro, Bryan believes that the first step to launching a great career is creating a great resume.
In his free time, Bryan enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, hiking, and kayaking.


Founder and CEO
expert on resume writing

Joshua Garza

Chief Technical Officer

Joshua works as a Chief Technical Officer at ResumeBuilderPro.com.

He has a degree in Computer Software Engineering and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Joshua has extensive work experience in the IT field as he started working for start-ups during his second year of university. He started his career being a Software developer, however, within a few years he was able to gain knowledge and expertise to become a Team Lead.

Here at ResumeBuilderPro, Joshua oversees the technology and development departments.

In his spare time, Joshua enjoys hiking, running, and anything that involves extreme sports activities.

Kristina Kirby

Brand Manager

Kristina is a Brand Manager at ResumeBuilderPro.com. She graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's degree in the English language and literature. After graduation, she decided to take a different turn in her career and connect it with helping businesses create an appealing image of their brand. Kristina has completed various courses on marketing, brand strategy, business development, and project management and now can be considered one of the top experts in this field.

Prior to ResumeBuilderPro.com, she was a PR and Brand Manager for 2 successful businesses that are among the top 100 companies in the USA.

Kristina continues to deepen her knowledge all the time by attending classes of fellow experts and conferences where she can both gain and share the experience.
In her spare time, Kristina enjoys cooking, reading, and various sports activities.


expert on resume writing
expert on resume writing

Aliza Licht

Content Writer

Aliza Licht is a Content Writer at ResumeBuilderPro.com.
She graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing.

The first couple of years after graduation, Aliza worked at a famous magazine where she wrote feature stories on various topics concerning business, fashion, career, personal development, etc.

However, Aliza always believed that the future is all about the Internet and that is why she decided to apply her writing skills in our start-up.

Aliza never stops writing, even in her free time. One day, she dreams of publishing a novel of her own.
Another hobby of hers is gardening.

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3 days ago
Max Dry
Recently I’ve gotten a call from the place where I had been applying. Wooow! I used to stay without answers from some jobs. I didn’t realize that a good resume and “leading some recruiter’s rules” matters so much
1 week ago
Mary Smith
I liked the structure of Resume Builder Pro. It is pretty understandable, and I managed to create my resume really in a few steps. It was like filling a questionnaire, thank God. I hate writing long essays.
1 week ago
Diana P.
Do you have other products besides this Resume builder? I’d entrusted you with writing my Motivational or Cover letter :) My resume is a bomb! ❤️