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Arianna Huffington is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of ten books. Originally from Greece, she moved to England when she was sixteen and graduated from Cambridge University with an M.A. in Economics. At twenty-one she became President of the famed debating society, the Cambridge Union. [ read more ]

Fanatics & Fools:

The Game Plan for Winning Back America by Arianna Huffington

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Excerpt: The Deal-In-Nator

Excerpt: Governor Schwarzenegger: A Very Familiar Kind of Republican

Excerpt: The New Contract for a Better America

How Different Strands of Arianna's Life Came Together in This Book

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Read Arianna's new book, "Fanatics and Fools: The Game Plan for Winning Back America," a devastating indictment of the fanatical Republicans trashing the American Dream and the fools (mis)guiding the Democratic Party who've waited until now to confront them. [ read more ]

As usual, Arianna leaves me in shock and in awe- keeping it real, doing it with flair and humor and depth, and then actually writing it down on a piece of paper. In her second language for god's sake. But buy it for you, you'll come away a whole lot smarter.
- Bill Maher

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Ronald Reagan, Hedgehogs and the November Election

Since Ronald Reagan’s passing, the media have been filled with a celebration of his youthful spirit, his indomitable optimism, his faith in America’s greatness and in America’s goodness. His words have been reverberating: “morning again in America,” “springtime of hope,” “a promised land,” “the last best hope of man on earth.” The imagery varied, but a single, overarching principle remained: Reagan’s pledge to return America to its essential role as “a shining city on a hill,” a place of goodness, promise and hope. In other words, Ronald Reagan was one hell of a hedgehog. [ read more ]

Shakespeare Turns A Spotlight On Bush And Iraq

As our anger, anguish and anxiety about Iraq continue to mount, I find myself looking for clarity and understanding not in the media’s daily play-by-play, which confuses more than it illuminates (Did we win in Fallujah or get our butts kicked?), but rather in Shakespeare’s “Henry V.” I’ve found it contains far more truth about our present situation than anything coming out of the White House or the Pentagon. [ read more ]

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Oil Money And A Smart Energy Policy Don't Mix

Drivers, start your engines — and empty your wallets! As we gear up for the biggest driving weekend of the year, vacationers all across America are coming face to face with the highest average gas prices in history — up 42 cents a gallon since 2001 — and a bad case of "pump panic," a new malady in which your heart rate instantly matches the price of full-service high-test. Where I live, there are lots of folks palpitating at 325 beats a minute. [ read more ]

John Kerry and Bobby Kennedy's Unfinished Mission

There is no shortage of comparisons between our current military misadventures and Vietnam. But after watching "RFK," David Grubin's powerful new documentary on the life of Robert F. Kennedy set to air on PBS's American Experience in October, I feel there is a more useful comparison -- not of the two wars but of two eras and two leaders. [ read more ]

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