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Tips for using Art and Design resume examples

How To Write Art And Design Resume

Certain resumes can be a little tricky to write. This may be true for many artists who want to write their own resumes. Art resumes are different from the rest. How is that?

This is because an artist's resume needs to have certain sections that you cannot find for any other profession. The skill set varies vastly, and the professional experience is not the same. Hiring managers will focus on your experience and compare it with the job description.

Therefore, you will need to tailor your designer resume to the job responsibilities. This will not only create a strong resume for you but will also highlight the significant skills you have.

Writing A Resume For Fine Arts And Artists

Writing art resumes is not as difficult as it may seem. All you must do is follow the guidelines and the focus of many recruiters will be your resume.

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Contact Information

The first thing all recruiters need is the contact information and the personal data of the candidate. A resume builder would also make you fill this out the first thing in the resume. If you have observed a resume sample, this would be the first thing to notice for anyone.

The Summary Statement

A professional summary is the next thing you have to write. Here, you can write about your time in the art industry, your professional affiliations, and major achievements. All great resumes have summary statements.

Be sure to keep this section as brief as possible. You can mention your work with other new artists or art directors, and your juried exhibitions too. It’s your chance to captivate the recruiter.

Work Experience

Work history is the next important section you should be working on. You can begin by mentioning your position, duration, and workplace. Later, you can detail it with your job responsibilities in the role.

This section comes in handy when you have been an art director or a creative director. A designer resume could also include job descriptions. And if you’re a little creative you can also showcase your ability to work in a fast-paced environment or if you’ve worked with any third party affiliates.

A pro tip – mention all your job roles in bullet points. It makes it more readable for the recruiter.


Some resume samples choose to ignore the work experience section if the artist does freelance work. The next best step here is to mention your exhibitions. This will give the recruiter more information about you.

Exhibitions require skills that are more than simply creating art. It can highlight your strong attention, your skills with various art techniques, and writing too. This will convince the recruiter that you are a good candidate.

Key Skills

Whether you choose to include work experience or not, the skills section is the most critical section in an art resume. Here are some things you can mention here:

  • Proficiency in adobe illustrator or any other illustrator
  • Web design and graphic design
  • Ability to create fine art at a mass scale
  • Strong attention to detail ability

This is not an exhaustive list so feel free to add on!

Academic Qualifications

Lastly, be sure to mention add an education section. If you have an art degree or any professional certification, this is where you can highlight it. You can also mention your education in a chronological order up till your middle school degree.

Final Touches

Once your resume is all done, you can compare it to other art resume samples to ensure that you have everything. It is always better to convert your resume into a pdf format to make it more readable for employers.

Finally, cover letters are also a crucial part of a job application process. If you want to put in the effort, include a cover letter too and you will be done! Your strong resume will be the perfect application to your dream job.

If you are applying to multiple positions, you might need to tailor it according to the role’s needs. Good luck!


How do I describe my art skills on a resume?

You can describe your art skills under the skills section in your resume. This may include web design, proficiency with adobe illustrator or photoshop, and graphic design etc.

How do you write an art resume?

Most art resumes can be written in a functional format; however, you can follow the standard format as well. If you use the latter, be sure to mention everything in a chronological order.

How do you write a graphic design resume?

The functional format may be the right format for a graphic design resume. A sample resume or other examples may help you figure out how to stand apart from the other candidates for a design resume.

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