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Retaining Teacher Talent

Our comprehensive resources give leaders the tools they need to hire and retain effective teachers.
See what Gen Y teachers want from their profession.
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In early 2010, Public Agenda and AIR (formerly Learning Point Associates) unveiled the Retaining Teacher Talent study, with the support of The Joyce Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As the critical task of securing excellent teachers for all students increasingly gains support and national attention, state and district leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to create genuine, long-lasting advances in how we recruit, retain, and support our teachers.

This resource offers research-based information and strategies to forward-looking leaders to inform their efforts to make teaching attractive to top talent from Generation Y, identify the different types of supports that different types of teachers need, and effectively communicate reform ideas to the teaching profession.

View Opportunity at the Top: How America's Best Teachers Could Close the Gaps, Raise the Bar, and Keep Our Nation Great, a new report from Public Impact on improving teacher quality.

Website Contents

Report 1. The View From Generation Y
This report explores Gen Y teachers’ views on strategies for the successful management and retention of the most talented teachers. The “hard factors” and “soft factors” of employment that forward-looking policymakers should know about are discussed from the Gen Y perspective.

Report 2. Teaching for a Living
This report provides a comprehensive and nuanced look at how teachers differ in their perspectives on their profession, why they entered teaching, the atmosphere and leadership in their schools, their students and student outcomes, the problems they face, and ideas for reform.

Report 3. Convergence and Contradictions in Teachers’ Perceptions of Policy Reform Ideas
This report informs policymakers about teachers’ views on the policies that greatly affect their daily lives. The report highlights the teacher perspective on pressing policy issues of assessing, rewarding, and improving teacher effectiveness, with the goal of keeping teachers themselves at the heart of debates about the profession.

Research Study Methodology
The research study methodology provides a description of the study’s methods, instruments, sample designs, weighting, and analysis.

Gen Y Video Insights and Facilitator's Guide

Talent Management in the Private and Education Sectors: A Literature Review (PDF)

Resources for State and District Leaders

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When the Common Core State Standards are released, will you be ready?

Join our two-day institute on May 5 and 6, 2010, to learn how to localize the Common Core State Standards and develop a plan for your state or district to align standards, assessments, and instructional practices.
At Learning Point Associates, we believe all learners deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.
That's why we focus on making the education system work for everyone.
We tackle the most problematic issues in education by combining research, evaluation, and hands-on support to influence policy and make a lasting impact.
Clients rely on our tested strategies so they can replicate what works and change what doesn't.
At Learning Point Associates, we believe all learners deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.
That's why we focus on making the education system work for everyone.
We tackle the most problematic issues in education by combining research, evaluation, and hands-on support to influence policy and make a lasting impact.
Clients rely on our tested strategies so they can replicate what works and change what doesn't.

Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center (ERRC)

Take advantage of extraordinary opportunities – we can help!

It is daunting enough to determine which of the three Innovation Grants (i3) to pursue. More daunting still is the next task of actually writing a comprehensive and innovative response that has merit for funding. But the biggest challenge comes at the point of implementing a complex strategy that has high-stakes accountability attached to it.

Many districts believe they do not have the time or resources to devote to such a complex undertaking. At Learning Point Associates, we believe that the Innovation Grants offer an opportunity you cannot afford to ignore. We are prepared to support your efforts and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you more about our value as a credible and reliable partner in this effort.

Our advantages:

We have expertise in the areas of research, evaluation, policy, and practice.

We apply all our expertise to give you a comprehensive foundation from which to start.

Our work with states, districts, and schools encompasses all four of the ARRA assurance areas: teacher effectiveness, data systems for reform, support for struggling schools, and standards and assessments.

Learning Point Associates is a nonprofit organization with extensive experience in school transformation, turnaround, and comprehensive reform. We understand and have extensive experience writing, submitting, and winning complex federal proposals. We can

Help you understand the requirements of these highly competitive grants and plan for meeting them.

Partner with you to design a strategic scope of work that ready for submission to the U.S. Department of Education.

Collaborate with you to implement the components of your winning proposal, including engaging teachers in the innovative effort.

Develop metrics for success and benchmarks to measure progress.

Coordinate and implement solutions that work.

Let Learning Point Associates provide a framework that you can use immediately to assess your district's starting point and identify the innovative practices that will be your natural and compelling next steps.

What We Do

Learning Point Associates applies research and evaluation, direct professional services, and policy knowledge to create change at every level of the education system—classroom, school, district, state and national.

We are known nationally for our leadership in these areas:

Afterschool Services—We evaluate afterschool programs and serve as a repository of both proven and promising practice. Our staff works directly with program administrators and their funders to coach teachers, strengthen programming, monitor success, and recommend state and national policies.

Literacy—We work at the school and district level to develop literacy curriculum and coaching strategies for teachers and staff on improving literacy. At the state level, our initiatives help education agencies develop policies designed to boost literacy among middle school and high school students.

District and School Improvement—Our work allows leaders at the highest levels, in states, districts, and schools, to make better choices regarding curriculum, instruction, staffing and student services. Our clients know their schools, their situation and their people.  They know which reform efforts have failed to gain traction and which strategies have led to successes. We understand how to take their knowledge, combine it with tested tools, extensive experience and content expertise and together clear the path for change.  Our respectful partnership with the district team yields the commitment that positions the district for success.

Educator Effectiveness—We develop practical tools and contribute to policy and research in educator quality and leadership. Our research is providing answers to what it takes to attract and retain highly effective teachers, especially in the schools that are hardest to staff. Our work—ranging from advising on the development of teacher preparation and mentoring programs to evaluating professional development and compensation strategies—is designed to ensure that every student has access to the very best educators.

We are committed to getting results for our clients and have established a long track record of success. Learn more about our impact.

What Makes Us Different
At Learning Point Associates, we don't prescribe a single "fix" or sell a product. We listen to each client's unique needs and then apply the best research, state-of-the art tools and direct experiences to guide teachers, administrators and leaders in making choices that make education better.

We are successful because we focus on what we know best. Our staff is comprised of experienced classroom teachers, award-winning principals, a chief state school officer, and highly credentialed researchers, evaluators, and policy makers.

At Learning Point Associates, we are committed to achieving high levels of client satisfaction from our initial contact through our delivery of services. We ensure that our services:

Meet the highest standards of accuracy and technical quality

Are clearly designed and developed

Are appropriate for the intended audiences

Are expertly and consistently delivered.

Our work is always objective, nonpartisan, and evidence-based.

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