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Tips for using Government resume examples

How To Make Government Resume

If you are reading this article, you must take an interest in applying for government work. First, you will need to know the right approach to making a federal government resume. Work in federal agencies is a respectful duty. You should always consider it first before making a federal resume. On the other hand, you can add the volunteer experience you have to your resume. These might be the first steps for your new government job resume completion. What is next?

This article aims to help you learn all the crucial hints for creating a solid federal government resume. We will highlight the most important things that hiring managers notice when they first look at competitors’ resumes.

Government Resume Writing: Where To Start?

The federal resume is a specialized document made to fit the specific needs of government services and their human resources personnel. Still, it should contain explicit information concerning your qualification, desired location, job-related skills, expertise, and personality.

The market of federal jobs is somewhat competitive. To succeed, you must follow the prescriptions closely and pay attention to the details. We’ve already mentioned that a federal resume is a document, and this means that you need to watch your grammar and spelling to pass the vetting process.

If you are new to the federal resume format and style, you can easily utilize online resume completion services. Look for a federal resume example that suits you.

Tips to Make Your Federal Resume Noticed By Hiring Manager

  1. Make A Profile. Create a summary of your best skills and accomplishments in a concise form. Review some government resumes to get ideas.
  2. Use Keywords. Research keywords connected to the government job you’re applying for. Improve your standard resume writing by adding special word combinations to help your resume pass the possible ATS (Applicant Tracking System) test.
  3. Add Personal References. Mind the step while completing your federal resumes. List the people who are glad to tell anyone about working with you. Let these people know about the possible calls or emails from your employer-to-be beforehand.
  4. Review The Resume. There are plenty of online resources that provide resume reviewing services. The specialized algorithm will give you the first impression of how effective your federal resume will be.

Things To Include To Your Federal Government Resume

Personal Info. Besides the usual contact information, like your birth date, full name, and citizenship status, add optional information relevant to the government job application.

Work History. Work history should definitely be included in your federal resume template. Provide a clear review of your recent workplaces with dates of active duty and hours worked. Describe the level of your commitment, explain the main terms and relevant job duties. Highlight the experience connected to the years of active duty in the armed forces. Write about your security clearance and your highest GS grade, and other positions that might be helpful. Citizen veterans’ preference works for most of the government jobs.

Experience. This is crucial for every hiring manager. Read the job announcement carefully and make the description of your working experience to fit the requirements of this particular position. Add info about your volunteer experience or public service in connection with government agencies, preferably.

Education. The education section must include information about your study and the educational organizations you attended. Write about your personal qualities that helped you graduate or cooperate with other students. Hiring managers want you to mention the things you’ve got special recognition for. Use a free resume sample from an online resume builder to ensure correct formatting. Add a link to relevant coursework or academic papers.

Skills. Share all your specific skills relevant to the job you seek.

The most required skills when you apply for federal government agency positions are the following:

  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Motivation and Dedication To Work
  • Multitasking
  • Working In Team
  • Critical Thinking
  • Language Skills


How do I write a resume for a government job?

Use an online resume builder to have an insight into federal resume formatting. Add your contact information, your work experience, education, general schedule grade, and specific skills required for the federal job.

How do I write a federal resume?

Include the job announcement number. Mention the job title and the grade of the job in question. Use an online resume builder to create your federal resume and all the cover letters included.

How many pages should a government resume be?

Remember! The federal resume is a document that must be made in a particular way: it must consist of two to five pages of plain and correct text.

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