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Tips for using Insurance resume examples

How to write an Insurance Resume?

The statistic shows that many Americans have lost jobs due to COVID-19 and some of them decided to make a path in the insurance industry. If you are one of them, you have to start by writing an insurance resume that will catch the attention of hiring managers. The task can appear to be intimidating but do not worry — this article will help you to create a perfect Insurance resume.

The Essentials

So, you finally decided to enter the insurance industry; however, you struggle with the choice of information to present on your insurance resume? Start from the essentials like name, surname, work experience, education, overall knowledge. Moreover, make sure that you mentioned your phone number and email because some HRs claim that they often discover resumes without this information.


The next issue that hiring managers in any insurance company desire to see in an insurance resume is the clear objective. The objective is a summary statement of your experience and desires in the insurance industry. In this part of a resume, you should write a job title of the position which you want to occupy:

  • Sales agent
  • Insurance broker
  • Insurance agent
  • Claims adjuster

Mention the field in which you prefer to work, like auto or life insurance, as well as your goal in this company.

Professional summary

While a clear resume objective is a must-have for college graduates or persons who decided to change career paths and become life insurance sellers, a professional summary is a vital part of an insurance resume of an experienced professional. This summary has to contain the main achievements in the career, like ten years as an experienced insurance sales agent, the head of the sales department, or the best life insurance seller in the company. You can use a reverse chronological order.


Mentioning the education level is important because hiring managers in the insurance industry are actively looking for employees with good degrees, such as a master of business administration. If you have completed some additional courses related to the insurance industry, include them in your insurance resume because it shows how much you are interested in your craft.

Special abilities

While having in-depth knowledge of the insurance business and experience in the field are important parts of an insurance resume to which all HRs pay great attention, they also want to know about the abilities and soft skills of a candidate. It is necessary to include in an insurance resume list of your skills, like self-organization, strong relationships with the team, great interpersonal and time management skills. Furthermore, include digital skills like the ability to work with MS Word or search engines.

Customization of an insurance resume

This is an important issue that candidates regularly forget. For many people, it seems that there is no need to make a resume special for every insurance company. However, it is wrong as long as hiring managers are more interested in job seekers who are showing more attention to the prospective employer. Because, in the end, every one of us wants to feel special, so at least do not forget to mention the name of a company in your resume. Moreover, when writing an insurance resume, dedicate some time to study the company, find in which area of the insurance industry they are better, and try to take advantage of it.

To customize your resume, take a look at a professional resume builder. With professional templates and expert advice you will create your insurance resume in no time.


How do you write an insurance resume?

In general, your insurance resume should be on one solid page, including only necessary information. The style of a resume should be formal, and if you are struggling with this, do not hesitate to look at some insurance resume samples. The resume has to be well-structured, so do not forget to include some bullet points.

How do you describe insurance sales on a resume?

If you want to occupy a position of a sales agent, in your resume, focus on your communication skills. Describe how you can find new customers and convince them to buy the insurance product.

What should an insurance agent put on a resume?

First of all, an experienced insurance agent in his or her resume must mention that he has a license in a state where he wants to work. Moreover, it is necessary to mention a college degree (if any) or at least a certificate of completion of special courses.

How do I write a resume for healthcare?

A resume for a healthcare insurance position has to contain pretty much the same information as other types; However, the proper education and experience play a greater part here. Also, showing that you are a detail-oriented person can help a lot.

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