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Tips for using Media and Journalism resume examples

How to Write Media and Journalism Resume

Usually, companies hold a limited number of working places. As a journalist, you have to be ready for a lot of competitors. Especially nowadays, when the pandemic has affected a number of working places.

It does not matter if you are an experienced journalist or a recent graduate. Junior writers have a chance to find a dream job, too. There are a variety of journalist resume examples that might help you write your unique CV. Check them out on our website and try our online resume builder.

How Beginners Should Write a Resume?

Of course, a journalist's resume should include work history. But if you are an entry-level journalist and do not have a stable work history, enough skills, and compelling coverage of articles, focus on the right format and the right template. The journalist resume format is the same if you are applying for your first job in the field.

If you want to work as a journalist in mass communications and social media, all you have to do is just focus on the skills you have from school, some articles written, and internships done. Go through our resume examples and find one perfect CV template.

How to Structure Your Journalist Resume?

We recommend you begin by having a look at journalist resume examples. If you are not sure about the right resume format, you will be able to find a perfect resume template on Every career expert would recommend the following steps:

  1. A professional summary should be placed at the beginning as an introduction;
  2. Include your experience: press conferences you have attended and articles you have written. Include as many relevant achievements as possible;
  3. Write about your work history and list all previous working places;
  4. Add an education section (mention all steps starting from high school);
  5. List all your professional skills.

What to Include in Your Journalist Resume?

Here is what you should add:

  1. Journalist skills. For example, you want to work as a staff reporter or editorial staff. Think about the skills required and mention as many transferable skills as you can;
  2. Experience. In your journalist resume, provide information about your experience as a professional summary (for instance, press conferences that you have attended as a multimedia journalist). Write down all conducted interviews that you are proud of. Give an example of a news article you have written, and do not forget to provide links to all your quantifiable achievements;
  3. Projects. Everything you have worked on, such as news stories and articles;
  4. Working places. Find a resume example to see how to compile a list of working places. Do not forget to include particular dates!

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job?

  • Do not forget to leave a place for contact information and your social media in your journalist resume! Check your profiles and make them look interesting for employers. They should show not only everyday life but also your professional skills;
  • Show that you are a dedicated journalist but avoid some irrelevant skills. Use a resume example if you are not sure what to add;
  • Find one perfect resume example and create your own CV. Remember that you still have to add unique information for your resume to be outstanding and impressive.


How to write a journalism resume?

Many recruiters are hiring managers to check resumes, so it is extremely important to create a perfect CV. Every career expert working in journalism would recommend having a look at resume examples. All resume examples usually include skills as the main part. Convince employers that you have enough experience and practical knowledge they require.

How do I write a good journalist CV?

Find a good journalist resume sample. It must include information about your skills that are relevant for journalism, working experience, and education. Hiring managers will read your resume carefully, so make sure it stands out over the competition.

How do I write a CV for a media job?

As a journalist who will have to deal with social media, we recommend you include links to social media pages (find resume examples to see where they should be put). These pages should also show your professional skills and have enough information about you as an interesting person that has a lot to say.

What are your objectives as a journalist?

As a journalist, your main objective is to show all the skills that are relevant for working in social media. In journalism, you have to be a well-developed person who is interested in a variety of things, so try to reflect this in your CV!

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