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Tips for using Mental Health resume examples

How to Write Mental Health Resume

Applying for a position in the sphere of mental health, you should consider the differences between a usual resume and a resume for this purpose. As you will achieve national patient safety goals and improve patient care for those who have a mental illness, you should prove your proficiency in these tasks.

This review will introduce the basic principles of the creation of a mental health resume and provide some tips for the construction of a successful resume based on resume examples.

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Specifics of mental health resume

This occupation requires a high level of responsibility from applicants and basic medical knowledge. Being a mental health worker, you will interact with people who have various mental health diseases such as substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, and others. By the way, during pandemic times, the number of people having a mental illness has significantly increased, according to the research. It means that mental health workers are in demand now, and you should take your chance now.

The most important thing you should pay attention to is the requirements of the employer in the job description. Make sure that your experience satisfies the needs for a position and try to illustrate your best successes in tasks that you will perform during your work.

Sections of mental health resume

Any mental health worker should be able to control situations and be organized. The structure of the resume can be a representation of your skills in ordering and systematizing things. That is why you should put enough effort into the creation of a structured resume.

Introduce yourself

Share your name, contacts, and some links to your professional websites.

Summarize your motivation and skills

In the second part, you should briefly describe your competencies and prove your suitability for the chosen position. Here you can highlight the skills you have obtained that are crucial for the occupation, such as crisis management, timely manner assisting patients, or cost-effective patient care.

Describe your work experience

Mental health workers should have enough expertise to communicate with patients. The easiest way to show your proficiency is to include your previous experience of working as a medical staff. Do not forget to put information about your employer and the period when you were working in the position.

We recommend you add information about your responsibilities and achievements during previous working processes, for instance, monitoring patient activities or other types of work with psychiatric patients. It will allow HR managers to understand the value of your work experience for the offered position.

Make the list of skills

Probably, you have obtained specific mental health workers skills from your education and working experience. You can devote the next part to the listing of these skills but make sure that they correspond to the requirements of the employer.

In a medical health resume, it is crucial to describe proficiency in specific operations rather than write general things like “communication skills” and others. Describe particular activities you did during patient care.

For example:

  • Client records,
  • Direct supervision,
  • Monitoring children's routines,
  • Providing patient safety,
  • Organization of emotional issues facilitating groups,
  • Therapeutic interventions.

Include data about education

Mental health work obliges people to take huge responsibility, and that is why applicants should undergo training before working with people. Outline your degree in medicine or special training courses required by the employer.

To sum up

Mental health work is a demanding sphere because such professionals are crucial for society nowadays. HR managers in health organizations should be strict while checking resumes, and that is why you should do your best to create a perfect resume.

We provide a lot of articles on the topics of resume construction and offer you to use special software for this purpose. Save your time and trust our specialist to receive the highest chances while applying for a mental health job.


What should I put on my resume for mental health?

Include relevant information about your experience in the sphere of mental health and confirm your proficiency. Make a resume specific and well-organized to attract the attention of the employer.

How do you write a therapist’s resume?

Demonstrate your mastery in psychology and your achievements in therapy operations. Do not forget to describe your skills in communication and empathy to show that you can interact with people easily.

How do you write a killer Mental Health resume that makes you stand out?

Firstly, make every resume special for every desired position. Secondly, try to comply with requirements and demonstrate that you can increase the efficiency of the work process.

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