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Tips for using Law Enforcement and Security resume examples

How to Write Law Enforcement and Security Resume

Writing a resume, you should pay attention to specific features of the job you are applying for. This article explains the core features of a law enforcement resume and provides useful resume tips.

Recruiting to law enforcement and security

The demand for professionals in the sphere is increasing, as the stats claim. Therefore, if you are interested in security jobs, you are probably ready to spend your time keeping utmost safety in the community and coping with criminal activities. As your employers should be sure that you have enough qualifications to manage unexpected conditions and protect other people, you have to prove it all in your resume.

Most often, parts of the resume for the law enforcement and security position are the same as for the usual resume, but the priorities are different. For instance, it is more crucial than not to illustrate your hard and soft skills than to describe your degrees and values. However, it is not the case for all job positions, and there is an explanation for this below.

Compliance with job requirements

To create a comprehensive and impressive resume, you should always check the requirements for employees provided by employers in the offer. For example, some vacancies for security jobs require applicants to have special education in physical or police officer training, while others do not pay attention to this.

Moreover, you may need to have qualifications in weapons usage to become a police officer. Clarification of your mastery in this sphere will allow you to get more chances to be hired as a police officer.

Sections in law enforcement and security resume

Workers in the sphere of law enforcement and security should be able to follow the rules and keep things ordered. The first moment when you can show how structured and organized you can work is your resume. That is why writing a resume you are applying for security jobs requires a coherent and right format.

1. Personal data

The first part of almost all types of resumes should start with a summary statement. Write your full name, contact information, and add some links to your professional social media sites or websites.

2. Summary of your motivation and compliance with requirements

Devote the next section of the resume to the description of your identification with the desired position. Here you can put a skills list that can attract the attention of an HR manager by their importance for performance. Check a law enforcement resume sample to receive inspiration for resume creation.

3. Professional abilities and skills list

This part may be crucial for the success of your whole resume, and that is why you should prepare it properly.

Firstly, you should list your hard skills, for example:

  • physical conditioning;
  • ability to use firearms;
  • self-defense skills.

Communication abilities are essential for workers in the security sphere as well because they interact with different people every day.

4. Work history

Make sure that the stated occupations demonstrate your proficiency in security or law enforcement. Also, you should include data about your employers, for example, the names of the companies and contacts.

The best way to indicate your success in previous working places is to provide the list of your responsibilities and achievements there.

5. Education

Education in the military sector or police officer training can be important for some positions in security and law enforcement. Except for this, you must describe your highest degree, including information about the school.

To sum up

Create your law enforcement resume in a well-organized way and demonstrate your best sides required in the job offer.

Make sure that the HR manager will be able to notice your high level of responsibility and readiness to cope with stressful and dangerous situations.

Save your time and trust the construction of law enforcement resume to professionals. Our reliable resume builder will develop a successful resume for you based on a security resume template.


What should I put on my security guard resume?

Usually, security guards are required to have skills in communication, surveillance, coordination, and critical thinking. Also, mentioning police officer training or firearm usage can give some benefits for applicants.

What are some skills to put on a resume?

The main idea of the resume is to present the professional abilities that will help the company to develop. That is why you should understand the goals of the company and match your skills with the job description.

What are the interests, abilities, and skills of police?

The interests of the police depend on the position you want to obtain there. In general, a police officer is supposed to be resistant to stress, open-minded, responsible, and able to make interpersonal connections.

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