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Rated 4.5/5 out of 67 reviews
This resume is created in 7 minutes.
Rated 4.5/5 out of 67 reviews
This resume is created in 7 minutes.

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Developing a resume complying with the criteria of the expected position is a component of attaining your goal. The next one is to bring as many significant useful points to your Law Enforcement and Security resume that it will have to attract recruiter's consideration. To get more samples, look through the examples on this site.

Typical Key Skills and Action Verbs for Unarmed Security Officer

A very important thing HR managers in the Law Enforcement and Security surely focus on is how certain the candidate is in revealing their applicable practical skill sets and former job experience. Hence, for the job role of a Unarmed Security Officer, it is necessary to equip yourself with a variety of solid and appealing keywords, similar to: metal detector monitoring, loss control, customer contact.

Key Skills & Proficiencies

Customer Complaint Resolution
Lower Body Strength
Security Operations
Fire Control
Nuclear Medicine
Assessing Performance
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Stress Tolerance
Policy Reinforcement

Action Verbs

Fire Prevention
Emergency Response
Customer Contact
Awareness to reactions
Taking Messages
Emergency Services
Good eyesight
Good judgement

Words to Avoid and Include on Unarmed Security Officer Resume

A job of a Unarmed Security Officer seems to us more attainable once you are motivated enough to boost your CV, applying key phrases outlining your practical knowledge and specific abilities. We do understand how to talk about a person's potential to perform the job, and we are in force to give you advice on the creation of a decent CV that succeeds. Take a look here and pick the ones you can actually use: awareness to reactions, report writing, new construction.

Phrases To Use

Completed full building and grounds patrols every [Timeframe] to spot and investigate concerns.
Scanned incoming and outgoing personnel and packages using hand-held wands and x-ray machinery to protect building, assets and individuals.
Supported criminal investigations by collaborating fully with local law enforcement representatives.
Detailed theft, access violations and other incidents with reports to boost success of future criminal or civil remediation.
Watched different facility areas from central location via different CCTV feeds, obtaining maximum coverage of important areas.
Provided basic first aid and CPR to individuals in need of medical care until arrival of emergency medical personnel.
Patrolled [Type] facility every [Timeframe] to look for suspicious activities.
Responded to and thoroughly investigated all reported incidents to protect company assets.
Delivered medical aid to individuals in distress to prevent deterioration prior to arrival of paramedics.
Collaborated with local law enforcement agencies to support criminal investigations.
Wrote reports outlining incidents such as theft, unauthorized access violations or other unusual occurrences to help support later criminal or civil actions.
Protected entrances by scanning individuals and bags via manual, wand or x-ray machinery.

Best Unarmed Security Officer Resume Objective Examples

A critical part of your curriculum vitae for a job of a Unarmed Security Officer should be a motivation declaration. Principally, an objective declaration is a quick illustration of your occupational encouragement and self-assurance in the Law Enforcement and Security. It functions far more profitably if positioned in the starting section of your resume.

Attentive Unarmed Security Officer experienced in play strategies, rules and standards of [Type] games. Officiates games and special sporting events while monitoring players, coaches and officials to maintain compliance, efficient play and safety standards. In-depth knowledge of [Type] and [Type] sports.
Unarmed Security Officer skilled at identifying and documenting cases of potential security and safety hazards. Offers [Number] years as law enforcement officer.
Unbiased Referee with [Number]-year track record of providing leadership and guidance both on and off field. Skilled in performance assessment and policy enforcement. Makes quick, ethical decisions to facilitate game play.
Ambitious student pursuing [Area of study] degree eager to contribute developed knowledge in Unarmed Security Officer role. Skilled in Fire Prevention and Fire Prevention in [Type] settings. Adaptable and driven with strong work ethic and ability to thrive in team-based or individually motivated settings.
[Area of study] student with background in [Area of expertise]. Strong technical proficiency with work history in [Area of expertise]. In-depth knowledge of [Software] coupled with [Task] and [Task] abilities. Proven history of Customer Complaint Resolution and Customer Complaint Resolution.
Hardworking and reliable Unarmed Security Officer with strong ability in [Task] and [Task]. Offering Emergency Response, Emergency Response and Emergency Response. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality.
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