Marketing and Communications resume examples

Say Goodbye to writer’s block and hello to success using our resume examples! In addition to offering helpful tips to guide you through your job search, we also offer pre-written job phrases to help you fill in those extra details more easily.

Tips for using Marketing and Communications resume examples

How to Write Marketing and Communications Resume

A media relations specialist is someone who stands out, makes an impression, and has a proven ability to attract the attention of the audience best. If you are looking for a job as a marketing communication professional, make sure that your well-written Communications resume reflects that. In case you are unsure about the way you should organize your digital marketing resume, how to brighten it up, and what info to include, keep on reading this article!

Input All Relevant Experience

Being a good marketing and communications manager means being able to handle multiple projects. Even if you intend to get another job post, indicate the experiences you’ve had if they are relevant. In case you created and managed content to implement a particular social media strategy, did direct mail campaigns, propelled sales, wrote press releases, managed product launches, or worked in web marketing or brand management — mention this.

Don’t Keep It Too Simple

Unlike some other job spheres, marketing and communications require a lot of uniqueness and vividness. A hiring manager will most likely skip a web marketing CV that looks basic and ordinary. Find a striking social media marketing resume template or opt for creating your own unique design. To enhance the result, you can try to:

  • Use attractive color combinations;
  • Choose a couple of readable fonts;
  • Include images, if appropriate (i.e., that illustrate your strong performance at a previous workplace);
  • Use bulleted lists, headings, a two-column design.

The Illinois State University experts advise applying a 20-second rule: scan your resume to see whether it’s readable and appealing enough. If you don’t show that you are really interested in getting the job, the recruiter will probably turn your resume down as well.

Add Numbers

You have to persuade your potential employer that you are a really effective media relations and marketing communications professional. To do so, describe particular marketing and communications cases, advertising campaigns, and business objectives you managed to achieve using exact figures. Having indicated true and clear performance you achieved, you will pave the way to even better results in a new organization.

Show Your Skills

However, don’t go too far. Add the ones you are proficient at and that are suitable for the job position. It is pretty obvious that you feel good about your written communication, vendor negotiations and have strong project management skills. Indicate all these but better emphasize that:

  • You’re qualified to perform particular techniques (i.e., you specialize in email marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to reach maximum customer satisfaction);
  • You know how to work in specific software programs;
  • You have a proven ability to code or work in certain operating systems.


Media Relations and Corporate Marketing are pretty competitive spheres. You can make a work provider believe in your potential if you are consistent and motivated and can showcase particular results you’ve achieved at your previous workplace. To make sure that your resume is well-structured and good-looking, don’t hesitate to use a professional resume builder — this will save a lot of time and effort. And proofread twice!

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What should I put on my resume for marketing?

Marketing is all about being appealing to external audiences, so you’re basically selling yourself as a candidate when sending a marketing resume to a recruiter. Provide available metrics of your performance. Include a number of customers that contacted the organization after a few effective email marketing campaigns. Show your awareness of the industry trends and setting clear business objectives.

How do you write a communication resume?

To sound convincing enough for the public relations agency you are willing to work at, use strong action verbs, laconic phrases, and structuralize the resume into small sections. Typos in a communication specialist’s CV are totally inappropriate.

How do you list marketing experience on a resume?

Begin your work history by indicating the most recent and relevant digital marketing jobs you’ve done. Study the particular company you are applying for — if the position clearly doesn’t require some additional work experience you possess, do not mention that.

How do you write a media resume?

Web marketing experts declare: a media resume has to be visually attractive and better placed on one page. Highlight your selling points and the most successful web marketing projects you did.

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