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Say Goodbye to writer’s block and hello to success using our resume examples! In addition to offering helpful tips to guide you through your job search, we also offer pre-written job phrases to help you fill in those extra details more easily.

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How To Write a Real Estate Resume

How To Structure a Real Estate Resume

This is a professional real estate resume. Being a real estate agent is fun until you have to secure a work gig in the field. Let's face it: you'd need a real estate agent resume for that to be possible.

We recommend using our online resume builder for this purpose. On our website you can find multiple well-structured templates that will help you build the best resume out there.

Also, we have carefully selected 3 tips that would make your resume powerful enough to secure the job.

Don't you want to find out what these three powerful tips are?

Real Estate Resume Writing Tips

Your real estate resume should focus on painting the perfect picture of an ideal candidate. As such, the resume must emphasize your strengths and qualifications as a realtor.

You should understand how to manage a good client relationship. In addition to vital skills like knowing the act of selling. Real estate agents or Realtors have real time impacts on people's lives. Your responsibilities are diverse as a Realtor. Understanding these responsibilities allows you to master the art of pleasing clients.

After understanding what's required of you, all that's left is -writing a real estate resume that gets you the job.

ATS is a reality and your resume must have the qualities that help it beat any ATS algorithm.

3 Tested Resume Writing Tips Realtors Must Us

Even with adequate knowledge of what your resume should have, you still need to know how you can structure and add flavors that make your resume very irresistible.

As a Realtor, here are 3 tips that would help you:

  1. Make adequate use of action verbs and power words that relate to realtors and real estate agents.

Some relevant power words are: Interview, Evaluate, Examine Negotiated, Prepare, Schedule, Close, Introduce, Maintain, Schedule, Generate, and Advice. You can also scour the internet for more action verbs that you can use in a resume.

  1. Forget about Career Objectives:

Any HR or real estate broker already knows and they are not interested in the fact that it's your dream job or that it's your career objective to secure a job like that. What they are truly inclined and interested to hear is why they should allow you on board.

What difference would hiring you be from hiring another applicant? Scrap that generic career objective the internet talks about and stick with a more genuine resume summary that covers and centers on your uniqueness as an applicant. What should they expect from you? Given the chance, how'd you been different?

By simply asking the question –why me? You'd uncover many answers that would serve as a selling point for you.

  1. Let Your Numbers Do The Talking

Real estate is a numbers game. How well can you close a real estate deal? Can you prove it?

Imagine you were an HR looking for a field Real Estate agent. Would you hire an agent with no proven track record when you had alternatives that had appealing numbers.

Whatever the case, Do Not Apply as A Real Estate Agent if you have a zero track record.

"I have successfully closed an average of 3 transactions monthly"

Doesn't that sound better than nothing? Now all you need is concrete proof.


What should I put on my real estate?

Vital details like your name, qualifications, and experience are the must-have for a professional Realtor resume. But there's a unique way you must construct the resume to look professional. This guide will teach you how.

How do you describe a real estate agent?

Realtor is a straightforward term you can use to describe a real estate agent. But you can also cut through any ambiguity and shred it down to how they operate and what's expected.

How do I write a CV for an estate agent?

After reading this guide, writing and structuring a real estate resume shouldn't be a problem. We've got years of fruitful experience backing our recommendations.


There is everything you would need to create the ideal real estate agent resume that wins. What are you waiting for? Go do it!

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