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Tips for using Transportation resume examples

How To Write A Transportation Resume

How To Format a Transportation Resume

The U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics stated that there are numerous opportunities embedded in the travel industry. Like any other profitable industry, the hiring managers are looking for some set of skills and professionalism in workers before they can allow them to fill any viable position in their company.

Either you’d be working as a driver or a transportation manager, your first objective is to create a professional transportation resume that can get you the job.

How you format your transportation resume will be part of what determines if you get the job or not. There are some acceptable formats you can use. These include:

Functional Resume

Transportation and logistics aren't one of the jobs that require years of experience before the hiring manager can allow you to get through the front door. The job is a lot more inclined towards the training experience and skills you have. Using a functional resume would be appropriate because this format highlights all the skills you have that relate to the job.

Combination Resume

It’s always an added advantage if you have years of transportation experience. Although HR is not so drawn to years of experience. The functional resume works just fine if you don't have any work experience. But if you do, the combination resume format is the best formatting that could accurately represent those years of working experience.

Having a look at some professional transportation samples would help you understand what you need to do and how your resume should look when done. Using a reliable resume builder will make writing your transportation resume easier and faster. Your resume would be ready in less than 5 minutes.

Important Skills You Must Include In Your Transportation Resume

The HR perception of how fit you are for the job depends on what skills you included in your resume. If done right, you get the job, if not, you’d have to continue job hunting. Knowing your role is important. Because it helps you understand the required skill you need to fill whatever vacancy position in the transportation company.

Here are some of the skills hiring managers are always looking for in a resume;

  • Attentive
  • Proper documentation
  • Time management
  • Resourceful
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical skills
  • Project management
  • Good verbal and written communication.

Pro Writing Tips for a Transportation Resume

There are pro writing tips that would help you write a professionally acceptable transportation resume. These tips can become the icing on your resume cake that would make your resume stand out from the hundreds of applicants if used properly.

  1. List all relevant soft and hard skills

The only way you could persuade a hiring manager is showing how skilled you are for the job. Your driving skills, time management skills, and attentiveness are things you should talk about in the first few lines of your resume. Describe and narrate a project which you led that turned out a huge success.

  1. Make proper use of the right keyword.

Rather than using very vague terminologies, use accurate words that best describe the job, and your skills. It’s important to be very precise when you talk about your skills in a resume. You can also refer to posts you have held that are quite similar to the job.

  1. Avoid writing errors

Writing errors are a turn-off and they make a public show of how unprofessional you are about the job. Proofread your resume at least 3 times before submission. You can also ask a friend to help you spot any grammatical or writing errors they can find in your resume. Always PROOFREAD!


With these guidelines, writing a transportation resume becomes effortless. Use this information as leverage against the wild competition that'd you'd face. Go get that job!


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