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Tips for using Human Resources resume examples

How to Write a Human Resources Resume

The HR industry is a rapidly developing field, and more and more job seekers are eager to work as human resources assistants or human resources managers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during the pandemic of COVID-19, the competition in the field has multiplied. Today, it is extremely important to create a perfect human resources resume to be distinct from all of the potential competitors for the new job position.

Human resource management is not about people but the characteristics and value that candidates can bring to the company. Human resources professional workers are responsible for gathering new employees. They handle the hiring process and recruitment process, keeping up with the employee tracking system and providing increased employee retention.

A great HR manager controls employee satisfaction and provides training programs for the new HR managers and other workers, establishing friendly employee relations. So, HR functions are quite wide and vary across industries.

What to Include in the Human Resources Resume

Here is what you should include in the job-winning HR resume to attract the attention of the hiring managers (HR managers) and catch the potential employer:

  • Contact information of the person writing the human resources resume (for example, professional email address and phone number);
  • List with previous jobs in reversed chronological order. You should fully describe the characteristics of your previous jobs;
  • Education should be mentioned in your HR resume. Make sure to list all of your relevant study courses in case you have ones that would fit an HR position.

Cover letters are of high importance for human resources professional managers. Your HR resume is more likely to be noticed by hiring managers if the cover letter is attached. It will ensure the human resources director in your willingness to get the job.

Instructions on How to Write Human Resources Resume

Let us discuss a sample human resources resume and a general strategy for writing it.

How to Start the Human Resources Resume

Use the best human resources resume examples to get it done correctly: put the contact data in the upper left corner of the page, share your email, cell phone number, and full name.

Also, you can use our reliable resume builder. It has a wide selection of templates that will help you keep your resume well-structured and neat.

What to Include in the Human Resources Resume

Overall, the main body of the human resources resume should be dedicated to the hard skills description, working experience, and special education.

How to Conclude the Human Resources Resume

To conclude the human resources resume, you can mention some of your hobbies and mention, for example, foreign languages that you have learned.

What Should One Pay Attention To While Writing a Human Resources Resume?

There are several crucial elements on which you can zero in while making a perfect Human Resources manager resume.

Keep in mind the following professional recommendations:

  • You should pay attention to the resume template. The most common resume format is to build your own resume in blocks, structuring it into segments rather than writing paragraphs of text. A professional resume should be short and informative. It is suggested to look at the human resources resume examples to get a better idea;
  • Your HR resume should fit the job description on the job posting. The job description lists all the requirements and characteristics of the potential HR assistant or HR manager.


What do human resource managers look for in a resume?

Apart from such evident things as HR experience, education section, personal data, and contact information, you should also pay attention to some additional factors. The factors are as per the following: clarity and coherence of the human resources resume, the size of the content, as well as its order, and proper formatting of the human resources resume.

How do you write human resources on a resume?

The things that will have to be mentioned for the HR position resume: your relevant job experience, the education section facts, as well as soft and hard skills. To write a professional resume, you should write it in a detailed manner, explaining each point and confirming it with real-life cases.

How do I write an entry-level HR resume?

The human resources director resume will undoubtedly differ from the entry-level HR resume of a human resources assistant; the thing to which a great human resources manager pays attention is relevant skills and professional experience. That is why you should mention the HR skills you might have acquired in the internships and your own projects. Interviewing skills or advanced Web search skills are to be put in the resume, too.

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