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Tips for using Retail resume examples

How To Write Retail Resume

Retailing is all about selling something. As you started your career as a retailer, up to this very moment, when you are trying to figure out how to write a resume, you’ve been selling.

Writing a resume shouldn't be any different because all you are still doing is selling. But this time, you are selling yourself to HR.

How can you be effective?

Imagine you were in a store and needed to sell everything in the store. What would you do?

Firstly, you should select the most essential goods that people need right now and sell them. Well, it's the same here. If you have to write a retail resume, you should also focus on the skills you have that are most relevant to this job.

The Right Structure For Your Retail Resume

Like any other resume you write, your retail resume should be properly structured and with a very professional formatting style.

Use these guidelines to properly format your resume and to give it a professional look:

  • Use the professional chronological resume format.
  • Add headings to each section of the resume.
  • Don’t get too familiar with the type of font you use. Use only professionally recognized fonts. Font size shouldn’t be more than 12.
  • Use only single line spacing.
  • Always save your resume as a PDF

To be sure that your resume is well-structured, we recommend using a resume builder, where you can select a template that will fit your needs.

What Your Retail Resume Must include

Here is a list of everything that should make up your retail resume:

  • Contact information is an introductory part of your resume and it should be concise and stated at the beginning of your resume. Most HRs will not dedicate additional time to search for your phone number if they feel the need to contact you. If it's difficult to locate, chances are that they will toss your resume away.
  • List all the significant experiences and accomplishments. Make a note of the department or section you worked in when you made those accomplishments.
  • Your education section must include all coursework, projects, and classes that are significant to the position. Also, state the degree you earned from the coursework or project.
  • Carefully match all your qualifications with the job requirements. Cut off the qualifications that don't fit.

Writing Tips for Retail Resume

Make use of keywords when you write a retail resume. You'd find useful keywords in the job description. Important skills or qualifications that the company is looking for should be stated. The keyword is your cue to writing a job-winning resume.

Make use of action words. Implode your achievement description with these actions. Examples of these action words are: led, managed, processed, stocked. This helps to portray your ability in an encouraging and lively way.

Lay emphasis on your related skills. Deeply consider all the skills you have and decide which is significant to the job and which is not. The significant skills you need for a retail job is interpersonal to salesmanship. You should also be able to maintain conversation between people.


Now you know the uncommon truth about writing a retail resume. This guide unfolds everything including resume secrets that experts are not sharing. Use this information wisely.


What should I put on my resume for retail?

Skills are important for any job application. Adding your unique retails skill is the best way to kick this resume started.

What do you put on a resume for retail with no experience?

If you don't have experience writing a resume, then you should keep it simple. Ideally, your resume should not exceed one page. Find out how you can professionally write a retail resume in this guide.

How do you describe your retail experience?

Retail experience translates to the skill you use in fulfilling your duties as a retailer. Communication, customer services, and financial management are a part of that experience. And that's what you should describe.

How do you describe a retail associate on a resume?

Well, you don’t have to describe it all. But if you must, you can refer to them as co-workers.

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