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Tips for using Accounting and Finance resume examples

How To Write Accounting And Finance Resume

Finance is a profession that never goes out of business. If that’s not enough reason to go for it, most rich people with stable lives also have an accounting career.

Accounting and finance will always be in demand in the business sector. But you need to make sure that you are in demand too. All accounting and finance professionals have killer resumes that look as good as balanced financial statements.

How can you make your accounting resume stand out in the same way? What should you do to add finesse to your finance resume? It’s simple. Follow the guide and make yourself known to the hiring managers.

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The Guide To Accounting And Finance Resume Writing

The first and foremost item in any resume includes information about you. This means your personal data and your contact information.

Avoid being too personal on a resume. Things not to include often mean your date of birth, or your complete address. Most employers don’t need these details. Your location, email address, and contact number are simply enough.

Professional Summary

The next step is always to include a summary statement. This would mean providing the potential employer with a gist of your experience and achievements. If you have the space, you can also write 1 or 2 lines on what you further plan.

Although this section is usually for finance professionals with years of experience, fresh graduates can also add a summary.

Work Experience

Work history is the most important thing in an accountant's resume. All work experience must be listed in a descending order such that your most recent job title is displayed at the top.

Make sure that you add a job description for all your roles. It’s better if you start with an accomplishment then move on to mentioning job responsibilities. This section is also the most ideal section to fill up with keywords that could be picked up by the system.

This is because nowadays companies screen resumes through applicant tracking systems. If you have worked specific and in-demand roles like an internal auditor, public accountant, or worked with third party affiliates, you should mention them.

Making financial reports, working on accounts payable, and analyzing financial information and financial data are also responsibilities that are critical for accounting and finance jobs. Writing them will make you one of the top applicants.

Professional Certifications

An accountant's resume always has professional certifications. Why is this? It’s because a hiring manager generally prefers certified people for an accounting job. Therefore, if you are a certified public accountant, this is the section where you prove it.

Key Skills

The key skills section is included in almost every resume example and contains hard and soft skills. This is where you are supposed to mention your action verbs. Here are some sample skills to list:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Cost accounting, and financial accounting
  • Expertise on various SAP modules
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Investment banking
  • Tax planning

Academic Qualifications

Lastly, mention your educational background. Start with the highest degree of education you hold and then list the remaining. Academic qualifications are extremely necessary for a career in accounting finance. So, if you want to secure your position at your desired company, be extra careful with this section.

Last Few Steps

If you are currently seeking jobs in this industry right now, there’s no need to worry. There will be a vacancy soon enough. Till then, you can focus and channel your ability to work on making your resume perfect for employers.

Accountants need to build relationships with clients too so in the meanwhile you can always network. Write a cover letter just in case an employment opportunity comes along and knocks on your door.

With the help of this guide, you will make a resume that will impress employers beyond expectations. If anything, they will want to create a position for you at their company. It’s all about being the right candidate for the right company. You will be the right candidate for a lot of companies. Good luck!


How do you write accounting skills on a resume?

Most resume templates would suggest adding a skills section. You can add the header technical skills and mention your accounting skills in that section to highlight them.

How do I write a financial resume?

The finance industry relies on accuracy. Therefore, make sure your finance resume is precise and displays the success of your previous work and projects.

How do I make my accounting resume stand out?

You can make your accounting resume stand out by mentioning professional certifications, expertise, and accomplishments.

What should an accounting resume look like?

An accounting resume normally looks like a typical resume. They follow the basic resume format with all sections listed in a reverse-chronological order.

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