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Tips for using Computers Software resume examples

How To Write Computer Software Resume

Computer skills are the most needed in today’s world. It is shifting towards technology day by day, and we all must adapt to it. If you are good with computers, this is your time to shine.

Many hiring managers are looking for people with the most common software skills in every department. Computer skills have become a part of key skills needed in every job, and you need to know how to display those skills on your resume.

Basic computer skills need to be a part of your resume. This guide will tell you exactly how to do that.

Writing A Computer Skills Resume

Writing a software skills resume isn’t that difficult. All you need to do is choose the right format, template and mention the right computer skills. You can do all this using our reliable resume builder. We will make sure that your resume stands out among the other job-seekers.

There are other important things to include in a resume. This is why reading a job description is important.

Contact Information

You can begin by mentioning your contact information and personal data in your resume. This section is the briefest of all. Therefore, don’t be elaborate here.

Professional Summary

Computer skills is a vast area which covers many key skills. Therefore, notice what your experience revolves around. Is it operating systems, computer programming, web development, microsoft office, or spreadsheet programs?

Whatever your expertise lies in, make sure you mention those top computer skills in brief sentences in this section. It will be a great summary for you.

Key Skills And Competencies

Because a computer skills resume is functional, the main section here will be key skills. You can mention your most important computer skills here that will guarantee job interviews. However, be sure that they are relevant skills and match the job descriptions.

Here are a few collections of skills that you can mention according to your basic understanding:

  • MS office skills that work with the microsoft office suite including microsoft word and word processing software
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations.
  • Spreadsheet software skills using microsoft excel for excel skills and the finance industry
  • Ability to learn and manipulate computer applications and machine learning
  • Working on various communication tools, collaboration tools, and the social media skills for marketing
  • Designing enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, and content management systems
  • Graphic design skills
  • Programming skills for computer programming and proficiency with programming languages
  • Any other new computer skills

Mentioning these skills throughout your entire resume will elevate you in the job market for every industry. If you have any advanced skills, be sure to include them in this section.

You can also mention your level by mentioning intermediate computer skills or advanced computer skills.

Work Experience

After you write skills for a resume in such detail, it’s better to keep this section short. For most jobs, you can write your job title and job description in bullet points. After that, feel free to move on to the next section.

Academic Qualifications

While a modern workplace may not place importance on the education section. It is still important for your job application so do mention your qualifications and online courses that you took.

Bottom Line

Resume writing is an art form. A resume is the first thing a hiring manager sees for you. This is why you need to write your most important computer skills in the resume. If you write a cover letter, try to include a computer skills list and your best computer skills in it.

Some people choose to write common computer skills even though they lack proficiency. Every legal advisor would advise that it’s not the best choice. Therefore, job seekers should pay heed that the computer skill they mention is at the top of their proficiency level. Once that is done, feel free to add computer skills to your heart’s content.

After making your resume, go prepare for job interviews. It is the next step!


How do you write software skills on a resume?

You can write software skills on a resume by mentioning your core competencies in the skills section. You can also include specific computer programs that you have worked with.

How do you write basic computer skills on a resume?

Some basic skills need to be mentioned as technical skills in the skills section. This can include computer programming and hardware skills.

How do you list computer skills on a resume 2021?

You can use some of your basic knowledge to list computer skills on a resume 2021 by using keywords so applicant tracking systems could pick those up.

How do you describe your level of computer skills?

Computer skills can be described by using the levels basic, intermediate, and advanced. Apart from these computer skills levels you can also mention your computer proficiency.

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