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This site contains library instruction lesson plans, articles about library instruction, a large library instruction bibliography, and links to library instruction resources. This site also includes material relating to information literacy.

Newest lesson plan additons: How to Find Information in the Information Age by Jeanne Guthrie and How Parents of Home Schooled Students Can Get Their Children to Use the Library by Pamela Chen.  There is also a new PowerPoint slideshow available dealing with Scholarly Journals and Popular Magazines by Aparna Zambare.

Library instruction articles of note:  Brief History of Library Instruction and Active Learning and Library Instruction.  Brand new, Library Instruction as Conducted by Student Workers: A Personal Reflection. by Carolyn Wilinski.

Information literacy articles of note:   High School Students and Their Use of the Web for Research and Learning and Teaching Information Technology Skills in Context.

This website was selected as a Joeant site of the month for September 2003. It was also selected as an Editor's Pick of the week at Library in the Sky for January 9th, 2004.

Visit the new LibraryInstruction.Com Web Directory.

This site will work best if others contribute.  Here is what I am asking:

1.  Please send me any articles you have written that deal with library instruction issues.  (Obviously, only do this if you still retain the copyright to them!)  I will create a page for them at this site and link to it from the article page.  You will retain the copyright to your work.  I will remove it any time you ask me to do so.

2.  Please send me any library instruction lesson plans you have written.  These can be for any level of student.  I will create a page for them at this site and link to it from the lesson plan page.  You will retain the copyright to your work.  I will remove it any time you ask me to do so.

3.  If you know of any web resources that should be included in the links page, please let me know.

Please e-mail me at with any contributions.  Please take out the capital letters in the e-mail address so that it will work properly.

I hope you find this site useful.  Hopefully, as people become aware of this site, more and more content will be added and this can become a great resource for instruction librarians, K-12 teachers, and parents.


Michael Lorenzen


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