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Tips for using Customer Service resume examples

How To Write Customer Service Resume

Customer service is an important part of every industry. This is because every company’s main goal is customer satisfaction. To achieve this, it is critical that your workforce also has proven customer service skills.

A customer service representative can make or break your company’s image. This is why as a job seeker you need to prove that your customer service skills are impeccable. How can you achieve that?

A customer service resume template can give you an easy answer to this. But it is important that your customer service resume shines through so you can have your dream job. Let us answer some basic questions before diving into the main resume.

Writing A Customer Service Resume

Beginning a customer service resume, you should keep in mind that you need to highlight your best qualities. The hiring managers only need to see those. However, before writing anything, do review a few customer service resume examples. They will help you create a picture of how it should look like.

After that, go on to mention your personal data on your resume. When you’re done, move on to the next section.

To ensure a good structure of your resume, choose our online resume builder and one of the multiple templates available. It will help you keep your resume neat and impress recruiting managers.


A resume objective conveys your career plans to the prospective employer. There are numerous objective examples available online to give you an idea of how they are supposed to look like.

However, be mindful of the customer service space and make sure you write all the proper keywords in your customer service resume objective.

Work Experience

When you apply for a customer service position, you need to make sure some of your work history justifies your application. This means if you apply for a manager position, make sure you have a customer service manager resume that highlights that you have the relevant skills.

A hiring manager is bound to look at your customer service experience, your previous job title and your other professional experience. When you’re describing a specific job, try to emphasize your key achievements.

Let’s take an example. If you were a customer service representative, you could enter a job description. This could include how many customers you dealt with on a daily basis; how you met customer needs and how you managed to assist customers and deal with customer complaints.

Make sure you fill this section with your major tasks and achievements.

Customer Service Skill Set

The customer service industry requires a specific type of skill set for its workers. This often means that most customer service resumes are the same. How can you set the bar higher?

You need to display your hard and soft skills in your resume. Any resume template can show you how. What skills are included for this kind of job? Let us find out:

  • Technical skills like proficiency with specific software for a tech company
  • Soft skills like problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Interpersonal skills and communication skills

Other things needed for customer service roles are some personality traits and predictive indicators. You can write the following for this purpose:

  • Positive attitude
  • Numbers that show customer loyalty
  • Customer inquiries that you handled in routine
  • Company average number of customers
  • Customer experience overall

Be sure to include all these in bullet points as it makes it easier for the hiring manager to read these.

Academic Qualifications

When you have highlighted all your transferable skills, and proven your track record of customer satisfaction, you need to move on to the education section. This is the most important section if you are applying for an entry level position especially at a call center. Your college degree can make an application the top one.

Bottom Line

With this, you can end your customer service resume. Be sure to impress the hiring manager with your credentials. If you look at any sample resume that’s what you will see too.

For a customer service role, it is important that the recruiter knows you can perform all your tasks within a timely manner. Whether it be for third party affiliates or internal stakeholders. Lastly, proofread everything to make sure it is fit for an applicant tracking system.

This means going through your resume objective, resume summary over and over again. If possible, you might just end up at some bold limited company. Best of luck for your application!


How do you write customer service skills on a resume?

Customer service resume skills can be mentioned in the key skills section. The customer service industry holds communication skills very high.

How do you describe customer service on a resume?

For a customer service representative resume, you can use specific key words to describe customer service. Try describing it with your customer satisfaction rating.

What is a good summary for a customer service resume?

Most customer service representatives enter a good summary in their resume. This often includes their achievements, their relevant experience, and showcases their excellent communication skills.

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