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Tips for using Food and Beverage resume examples

How To Write Food And Beverage Resume

A food beverage resume is an uncommon type of resume. Not so much talked about, but you can rest assured that it exists.

A food beverage resume can be as effective as any kind of resume in other fields. It should give the hiring manager a heads up about you and why you are a good fit for the job.

You could be applying for a food and beverage attendant or as a food and beverage supply manager. You should know that there are some food and beverage skills that hiring managers are looking for.

According to an HR-Statistic report: It takes an average of 7 seconds for a glance at your resume. In those seconds you must be able to catch HR's attention or your chances of getting hired decline drastically.

How can you catch HR's attention? What do they need to see to get them hooked on your food beverage resume?

This is a guide that would show you how to create a food beverage resume like professionals.

How To Write an Acceptable Food and Beverage Resume

Writing a food and beverages resume is not the hardest thing you need to do before getting the job. However, it’s still a process that requires your effort. Understanding your role and the job description is one of the vital things you need to do.

You know we’ve got tons of safe food handling techniques. And your company of interest might not like some of these food handling techniques. Knowing the company's value and methodology gives you an advantage over others.

Some food and beverage resume samples will help you create a mental picture that’d help you create your unique resume.

To get started, make a list of the soft skills you have which would be relevant to any food and beverage job. After writing down your skills, you must tailor them to the job description and flush out non-essential skills you’ve included.

Now, You are ready to write a professional food and beverage resume. Start by choosing a format that works. I recommend using our resume builder to choose a template.

How To Structure a Food and Beverage Resume

  1. You should start your resume with your contact information properly outlined. It should include: Name, Home Address, and Email
  1. Proceed to write a compelling resume summary that states your objectives and beliefs.
  2. What are the skills you have that are relevant to this job? State them!
  3. Explain your previous employment history.

Important Skills to List In a Food and Beverage Resume

Resume writing like you know has to be strategic. Nothing within your resume should be out of place especially if it concerns skills. As a food and beverage server, you should know that there are must-have skills any HR would want to see in the resume of a chosen candidate. These skills are namely:

  • Endurance and energetic
  • Proper understanding of how to use food and beverage-related tools.
  • Hospitality.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Safety cautiousness.
  • Ability to follow guidelines.
  • Neatness

Your resume should represent all of these skills.

How to write a food and beverage Resume step-by-step

You are a smart applicant if the first thing you talk about on your resume is the relevant skills you have that make you the best fit for the job. Even HR is looking forward to it.

The structure you follow is also important for an ideal resume. Use our guidelines above to structure your resume.

After structuring your resume accordingly, flush out every grammatical and spelling error you'd find. Ask for help from a friend if English isn't your best subject. Fickle errors are usually turn-offs that might ruin your chance at winning the job.


There you have it! All you need to know about writing a food and beverage resume. Draft a professional resume should be a piece of cake for you. Go get that job.


How do I make a resume for food and beverages?

All the information you need about writing an ideal food and beverage resume is within this guide. Read it carefully.

How do You describe food service on a resume?

If you are thinking of complex terminologies to describe food services, you don’t need it. You can simply state what you do.

What are the good skills to put on a resume for a restaurant?

Hospitality is one vital skill that would get you in. Most HR’s are after it!

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